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Our Story


This is a story my love affair with Apple, my 3 year old golden Spoodle. 

After finishing university and settling in to the working world I knew I was ready for the responsibilities of owning a dog. Unfortunately I had to convince Alan why having a dog was going to be the best decision we ever made. For about 2 years I harassed him about getting a dog. It's safe to say I became completely obsessed about it.

After a Sunday drive out to the Clevedon Markets and a visit to a breeder that just 'happened' to be on the way home, we found her. A small ball of fluff, covered in mud, rolling around a farm with goats, horses, kittens and a Great Dane for company. A deal was done between the breeder and Alan, without me knowing and on my 29th birthday, Apple was the most amazing gift I ever received.  We were a tight family of 2 and became an inseparable family of 3. I now have 2 loves in my life, Alan my fiancé and Apple, my gorgeous dog.

Baby Apple

When Apple came home for the first time I wanted to buy good quality accessories and bedding for her that looked beautiful in my house and matched my sense of style. Long story short, I wanted the best for Apple. I hunted in stores and online, it was difficult to find what I had in mind.  So, with my degree in fashion and design and my love of all things creative I decided to stop looking and create my own range of pet wear and accessories.

I hope you enjoy Apple and Abe products as much as my Apple does.

If you're wondering where Abe comes into it, then watch this space and keep following us on Instagram and Facebook.