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Customer Care

We're strong believers in quality - Apple personally tries and tests all of our products, so we can guarantee they'll withstand your furry friend's favourite activities.

Caring for your bandanas

All bandanas are made from 100% cotton. They have been covered in a stain resistant product to ensure daily stains and marks can be wiped off (unfortunately Apple is little miss muck and can be washed numerous times during the week).  Any stubborn stains can be removed by soaking in gentle detergent for a few hours prior to machine washing. To dry please lie dry flat in the shade.

The stain resistant product is an extremely gentle solution. It coats each individual fabric fibre with an invisible barrier that protects against dirt and grime.

Caring for your Blankets

All blankets are made from 100% cotton jacquard knit. These have been designed for easy care. Gentle machine wash at up to 30oC.  Do not bleach. Cool tumble dry.